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PBN boat

● Introduction

Horizontal directional solidification method can be used to synthetize polycrystals. Directional solidification furnace is divided into 3 zones according to the thermal.
Take gallium arsenide for example. Arsenic element will sublimate in low temperature region (about 630 ℃), then through the medium temperature region and form polycrystals in high temperature region with gallium gradually. PBN boats act the reaction vessel in high temperature region.

● Characteristic

1. Our company can manufacture large size PBN boats (The maximum height can be 17 inches).
2. High density (It can reach to 2.19 g/cm3).
3. High purity (>99.99%).
4. High cracking resistance (Excellent coefficient of thermal expansion).
5. No deformation at high temperature (It can resist the high temperature of 2300℃ in vacuum)
6. Long service life time.

● Parameter

property unit value
density g/cm3 2.0-2.19
microhardness (knoop)(ab side) N/mm2 691.88
resistivity Ω·cm 3.11×1011
tensile strength(N∥C) N/mm2 153.86
bend strength (力|| “C”) N/mm2 243.63
(力⊥“C”) N/mm2 197.76
elastic modulus   N/mm2 235690
thermo conductivity   W/m·k “a” direction “c” direction
(200℃) W/m·k 60           2.60
(900℃) W/m·k 43.70       2.80
dielectric strength(at room temperature) KV/mm 56

● Application:

The product can be used to synthesize crystal, melt and evaporate metal. This PBN product is mainly used for the production of III-V single-crystal with horizontal directional solidification method.

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