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Fish oil products

● Product Insruction:

Refined fish oil refers to the fish internal lipid which is rich in EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexenoic acid).
The general fish contains little EPA and DHA, only in cold and deep sea fishes, like anchovy, salmon, sardine, etc, that are all rich in EPA and DHA , but any other animals which are living in land hardly contain EPA and DHA. It is the reason why we use the deep sea fishes to refine the EPA and DHA.

● Application range:

Pharmaceutical grade softgel, food grade softgel, fish oil emulsion, micro-capsule, oral solution

● Material resources:

Extract from sardine, anchovy, salmon, tuna from Peru

● Product features:

The product’s specification reaches up to GOED organization standard.
Slight fishy smell, better color and luster, lower heavy metal contents

● Fish oil products Category:
High Content EPA Fish Oil
(EE type)
High Content DHA Fish Oil
(EE type)
18/12 12/18
180/120 130/200
30/20 10/40
300/200 20/50
33/22 12/60
36/24 8/70
40/20 10/70
400/200 ......

   Remark: We can manufacture different contents of EPA+DHA and different proportions of EPA/DHA product according to customer requirements.


● Recommended usage:

A certain amount antioxidant should be added to fish oil according to the process requirements if it is necessary. Once the barrel is open, the oil inside should be used up immediately with the protection of nitrogen.

● Packaging and Transportation:

The fish oil is packed in sealed steel drum, according with GB / T 325, 180kg per drum.
14.4tons/20GP(Pallet packaging are available)
11.52tons/20RF(Pallet packaging are available)
18.72tons/40RF(Pallet packaging are available)

● Storage Method:

The fish oil should be stored in a dark, ventilated, and dry warehouse, kept off the ground and wall, not mixed with goods which are poisonous, harmful, smelly, volatile, and corrosive.

● Annual Production Capacity:

2,0000 Tons.

● Shelf Life:

24 months under the storage condition requested by the stipulated standard.

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